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Mechanical Seals Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis

Mechanical Seals Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis

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(Summary description)The global mechanical seals market size stood at USD 3.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 4.77 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period.

Mechanical Seals Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis

(Summary description)The global mechanical seals market size stood at USD 3.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 4.77 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period.

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2021-04-07
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Mechanical Seals Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis


The global mechanical seals market size stood at USD 3.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 4.77 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period.


Mechanical seal is kind of device which refers to at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the auxiliary seal to keep fit and slide relative to prevent fluid leakage. In recent years, mechanical seals are playing an important role in varied industrial applications, enabling efficient operations. Mechanical seals are made up of several flexible materials such as PTFE, industrial rubber and many more.


The mechanical seals market has depicted significant growth in the recent span of years and is likely to grow in the forecasted period. Rising industrial development in emerging economies is expected to initiate additional development policies and investments. Major types of mechanical seals available in the market include cartridge seals, balanced and unbalanced seals, pusher and non-pusher, and conventional seals that are influencing the mechanical sealing market growth in developing countries.


Growth in machine tool industry is impelling the overall market share, owing to the usage of power machines in centrifugal pumps and compressors for sealing and separating the fluid in the rotating shafts. Hence, the increasing market demand for mechanical seals in various industries is anticipated to drive the market growth in the near future. Furthermore, the highest market growth is projected to be witnessed in Asia-Pacific, followed by North America.



Rising Manufacturing Industry to Boost Market Growth


According to the united Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the global foreign direct investment will grow vigorously in 2018. This implies that there will be strong growth in the manufacturing sector in the coming decade. Moreover, many countries are now adopting investment policies that will boost the manufacturing sector and drive the mechanical seals market trends. For instance, in 2017, several countries and economies adopted investment policy measures across the globe, of which 84% of countries were favorable to investors. This will allow investors to invest their funds in various industries, with primary focus on energy, transportation, and manufacturing.


Furthermore, many manufacturing and industrial studies are more focused on the production or supply side and less on the demand side. This practice has reduced the importance of the manufacturing sector over the past few decades. This situation can get balanced by placing the demand side at center in the manufacturing sector ecosystem.


Therefore, the demand for manufacturing is increasing with the changes in investment policies of multiple developed and developing countries. This growth will increase the adoption of machine tools and industrial equipment for the manufacturing process, which will directly boost the mechanical seals market growth, globally.



By Type Analysis


Cartridge Seals Segment to Generate the Highest Revenue in the Forecast Period


The global mechanical seals market is segmented by type, which is further segmented into pusher and non-pusher, conventional seals, balanced and unbalanced seals, and cartridge seals.


Continuous adoption of advanced sealing material in several industries is expected to grow the cartridge seals segment in the forecast period. The cartridge seals segment is estimated to have exponential market opportunities as they are designed as universal shaft seals for the seal chamber of pumps, containers, or pipelines.


The pusher and non-pusher seals segment depicts substantial growth, owing to the increasing usage of small and large diameter ring shaft in the light end services to handle high temperatures. The balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals segment is anticipated to grow moderately, owing to the rise in the industry sector worldwide. Balanced seals are preferred for most of the industrial applications as they generate less heat at the surface of the machine, enabling longer seal life and efficient sealing method.


Comparatively, the conventional seal segment is projected to witness progressive growth owing to the requirement of heat exchanger mating ring advances offered by these seals. The other segment consists of bellow seals and is likely to represent steady growth due to limited demand in the mechanical sealing market.


By Industry Analysis

Oil and Gas Industry to Lead the Market in the Near Future


By industry, the market is bifurcated into metals and mining, food and beverage, oil and gas, energy and power, aerospace, marine, construction and manufacturing, and others (chemical, etc)


Oil and gas industry is anticipated to grow exponentially at a higher growth rate owing to increasing demand of petroleum from developed and emerging countries, hence boosting the demand of mechanical seals. Energy utilization is growing worldwide and influencing the demand for electricity generation and consumption rate, thus leading to remarkable market growth. In the current scenario, 70%of the electricity generated from the renewable sources such as wind and solar power, which bodes well for the mechanical seals market demand.


The construction and aerospace sectors are projected to depict significant market opportunities owing to the rising infrastructural developments as a result and increasing population and technological advancements in the aerospace operating and navigation systems.


Mechanical seals demand is increasing in the food and beverage and mining sectors due to increasing implementation of pumps, food tanks, and many other centrifugal machines to manage the intensity of fluid. Marine sector is expected to depict substantial market growth as the need for the mechanical seals at naval ships and ports will remain steady in the forecast period. The others segment consists of chemical industry and is likely to showcase steady growth, owing to minimum demand in the mechanical sealing market.



Asia-Pacific is anticipated to lead the mechanical seals market share and is projected to depict exponential growth over the forecast period due to the increasing industrial applications in the emerging countries including India and China. Along with that, strong economic growth in the manufacturing sector is expected to fuel the development of the market in the region. Furthermore, favorable regulatory framework and regulations by governments for increasing investment in the manufacturing industry is expected to have a substantial impact in the growth of the market. Additionally, rapid industrialization and increasing demand of mechanical seals from industries such as construction, marine, energy and power, and oil and gas is expected to boost the growth of the market. Moreover, the region has several small and medium mechanical seals manufacturers which will increase the market share of the Asia-Pacific region in the forecasted period.


North America is predicted to show a dynamic growth rate over the projected timeline due to the rising number of infrastructure and other development projects in the region, the mechanical seals market analysis points out. This growth in the region is attributed to the presence of key players in the market along with increasing demand for mechanical seals in several industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, and other mining industries. The growth is owed to deep involvement of workers with technology research and development (R&D) and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in the industries such as energy & power, oil & gas, and aerospace. Furthermore, the demand for the sealing products is accounted for increasing presence of manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace to energy industries such as oil and gas extraction to high-tech services such as computer software and computer system design, including health applications.


Furthermore, Europe is witnessing rapid growth owing to rising presence of chemical manufacturing industries along with growing use of sealing products in aerospace, rail, and marine industries. Additionally, demand for sealing products is comparatively stable as the large range of industries in the market offers a relatively balanced market growth over the years. The stability in demand can be seen in the period 2020-2024. Countries such as Italy and Spain are expected to show substantial growth compared to other countries in the region owing to the demand from major industries such as oil & gas and food & beverage.


The mechanical sealing market value in the Middle East and Africa is growing due to presence of more than 65% of global oil refineries in the region. Increasing investment in the oil industry will result in increased demand for mechanical seals. Moreover, countries of the Middle East are shifting their focus from oil and gas production to other industries such as tourism and other manufacturing industries which will result in deceasing market value of mechanical seals.


The manufacturing sector has declined in Latin America over the past few years owing to the decline in the production of cars and other equipment. Moreover, in 2015, the manufacturing production index of Latin America had declined by 0.9%, according to MAPI Foundation. The construction and oil and energy sub-segments are expected to grow at higher rate, owing to the increasing population and demand for the adoption of natural resources. Governments of Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are working continuously on investing in green energy projects, which in turn will boost the adoption of mechanical seals in several different industries.



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